• Family stunned, rumors abound, media first to learn and report.

When an infant’s nonviable body disappears from a hospital morgue and eventually is found in a distant city laundry the string of events reads like a novice’s first mystery novel. Once the puzzle is assembled two critical steps follow.

  • Only 14 weeks to reverse statewide voter attitudes.

The Governor proposed a momentous referendum. But it was going down in flames. Flawed strategy and message delivery were his nemeses. He called us. And he won.

  • Understanding differences among terrorist groups pays off:

Appearance on a national TV show brings death threats to featured guest and family.

  • Horrible secret finally unveiled:

Candid communications and law enforcement’s respect prove invaluable to preservation of renowned summer school’s imperiled reputation.

  • A simple objective seldom understood:

Hostile warnings designed to disrupt production at worldwide corporation indicate far-reaching consequences. 

  • Monday morning’s whiteboard shocker:

“On 5-5 five will die,” the message warned when administrators gathered in a supposedly secured conference room.  Workplace violence abated?

  • Dual wins by national TV reporter and his interviewee:

Stossel and this company CEO’s reach an astounding achievement — beyond combined expectations!

  • And how was your day at the university, dear?”

“Oh, other than an active shooter, national and international reporters demanding news conferences, a thousand frantic calls about endangered students, faculty, staff, and visitors . . . not too bad these past 15 hours.”

  • Late schedule changes keep protesters at bay.

Visiting America’s mid-west, ex-British Prime Minister Lady Thatcher attracted local Irish Republican Army enthusiasts who planned disruptions at her public appearances.  Unorthodox planning countered the IRA’s media event and potential fury. So did her gracious cooperation with organizers.

  • Working with Jon in helping avoid another Murrah styled tragedy.

The Oklahoma City bombing was beyond ill-fated.  However, it became an instant motivator when first responders jammed our “lessons-learned” seminars, which introduced them to a new world of tragedies.

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