Founded by Tom Preston in 1968, we’re a privately-owned business management firm, comprising honored and extensively experienced consulting executives.

Recently, ForeseeNow, a Preston Global extension, (FSN) became the latest identifier. Consulting as well as hands-on tactical activities extend far and wide; yes, even globally. Boards plus corporate, institutional, agency top executives, as well as high-profile individuals, retain us.

FSN’s team responds to enigmatic situations; otherwise, through vulnerability assessments that pre-identify and address slowly evolving or imminent leadership problems.

Step one in all cases matches patron needs with our experts’ principal areas of specialization. Each well trained, knowledgeable, mature pro is a superb analyst and practitioner.

Beyond a half-century aiding clients.

Nearing year 54 we decided to restructure certain operational patterns based on our estimating additional types of existing challenges with different twists. More alarmingly, based on recent FSN Foreseeability methods, we expect a rash of abnormal challenges within the next 18 months and beyond.

Our parent organization originated in Lexington, KY. Late in 2020 all  administrative oversight functions transferred to Murfreesboro, TN. Most preventive and responsive activities are conducted on at-risk patron locations. Why there?

Because fast-moving situational contingencies coupled with operational services we deliver have long been proven both expedient and less expensive.

ForeseeNow purposely is an “avant-garde” title. It illuminates decades of achievements resulting from innovative, battle-tested and adaptable team members. Our history as well as current practices echo Mr. Preston’s original purpose.

“We shall lead explorations, innovations, alterations, advancements and applications for our primary disciplines. Doing so will increase significantly, client benefit. The bottom line means even greater opportunities for attaining objectives and goals.” 

Discovering and tailoring innovative ideas to prevent, defeat and/or resolve expected or urgent circumstance alarming organizations and individuals requires the consummate practitioner. Thus our Consulting Executives!

What’s coming down requires keen foresight.

Previous and particularly 21st century state of affairs confirm how crises, emergencies, threats and violence foment. Add alarming public issues, brand reputation challenges, false rumors, internal/external communication deficiencies, foreign source influences, and certainly escalating abnormal human behavior.

Correctly handling each, whether “before-during-and-after,” summons the very finest expertise.

FSN specializations rely heavily on vulnerability assessments (VAs). Each confidential VA report, aimed at scenarios explicit to business harm — internally and externally — will contain a plethora of discoveries plus  solution ideas to improve defenses against adversarial influences  — many unrelated.

VAs are life and property savers. They mitigate intrusive events; they demonstrate to employees, visitors, neighbors, media and other observers  leadership emphasis on behalf of community well being.

Removing sharp curves from paths to success.

Coalescing vast experiences from talented senior-level expertise along with quantifying research via self-discovery about human motivations highlights FSN’s extraordinary accuracies. Ad not only when predicting, but also for providing the best outcomes.

During a rather long tenure practically every imaginable sequence of events has challenged this firm’s skills as client guardians.  (But not all. Odiously, something atypical in mode and scope will appear abruptly.) 

Terrorism, a prime example.

We confront extreme violence on a regular basis. Actually, Tom Preston’s first encounter against terrorists was in 1958!

The event is a cumulation. Sophisticated terrorists patiently prepare. They recruit, train, raise funds, alter their own locations, acquire explosives and weapons. They mentor zealots, are adept in disseminating propaganda through social and traditional media, and excel surveilling potential targets.

Management, just as with workplace violence and possibilities for active shootings either at random or intended, should never ignore periods of silence. As both a crisis and emergency, terrorism remains overlooked by business leaders.

FSN’s episodes against transnational terrorism as well as leaderless resisters (a more accurate term to replace lone wolf), vastly exceeds — verified by direct encounters — firms focusing on somewhat similar specialties to ours.  The same is true regarding other violent acts. Our library contains additional commentary, which increases periodically.

Prevention is cost-effective!

Indeed, today’s complex and dangerous world demands backgrounds such as we have. Aftermaths from major crises and emergencies can be as daunting as all but the worst episodes of violence.

Vulnerabilities range from reputation to morale, from loss of production to governmental investigations and hearings, from budgetary shortcomings to lawsuits.

The list is even longer. Decades ago business executives learned a chilling truth: Prevention or lack thereof identifies leader priorities, and their careers.

Equally essential in prevention, therefore demonstrated board and executive leadership to protect life, property and business routines,  is keen awareness of current global events. Trouble travels!

Minus emphasis on prevention, serious levels of potential harm ultimately will surface, Bet on it.

Indeed, certain daunting occurrences are impossible to thwart. Emergencies happen suddenly. Crises silently creep until the turning point.

“Intended”   surprises can be anticipated, though not always instantly eliminated. This we emphasize when speaking to groups, teaching in classrooms and while conducting seminars.

Client situations determine our service approach. 

FSN responds immediately, first by offering initial guidance whether we’re retained or not. We try doing so within moments of being contacted.

An immediate next step is “no-delay determination” if our credentials and capabilities conform to another’s desire for the type assistance required and as we believe most correct.

If retained, one or more Consulting Specialist will be dispatched to the client’s location. Our founder is involved directly in each case. We reject the “one size fits all” philosophy whenever formulating action plans.

Every event, including similar ones, will at some stage require alterations in how specific sets of circumstances should be approached.

Autonomy becomes another crucial asset. FSN independent advice must never fall prey to partiality, manipulation or emotionalism.

Anxieties can derail the best solutions. Perhaps, in addition to Mr. Preston’s military missions against foes of the U.S. during Cold War years, he was labeled publicly a “Cold Warrior” for other reasons.

Our counsel and attending work must rely on acquired facts, experience in, as well as knowledge of similar predicaments. This encompasses faith in our own science, discoveries and foreseeability.

We understand what is at stake just as does a surgeon facing complications, an attorney who must be confident in his or her courtroom performance, or the arbitrator concluding between equally strong opponents.

As pathfinders, another’s description bestowed when acclaimed for prior accomplishments, ingenuity, originality, resourcefulness and even unconventional resolutions – products of audacity.

Three ForeseeNow-created models support this statement: Our ever-evolving Foreseeability Stratagem, emphasis on Heuristic Education especially with reference to consultant fact-finding, research and investigating modalities, plus recent refinements concerning reputation management policies.

The latter item above  is designed for assisting organizations being sued by sources demanding punishments, usually resulting in expensive settlement claims.

Time-consuming problem-solving awaiting alarmed executives or those soon facing overextension due to sudden misfortunes welcome us into the C-Suite. Business management is just that — a continuum of carefully scheduled daily work where interruptions are to be avoided whenever possible.

Here then, is another reason why we function on-site, near the CEO, president, VP or GM — whoever is designated as our internal contact.

We substantially reduce the weeks, days and hours management otherwise must devote to handling the variety of dire situations in which they are unacquainted, unprepared to thwart, mitigate or resolve.

These reminders merit particular consideration.

  • If we can’t bring in-depth knowledge and experience commensurate with client needs we respectfully step aside. It has happened, yet quite rarely.
  • Six words chronicle our standards: Committed, trusted, vigorous, innovative, adaptable, cooperative. Yet, another is included when necessary — audacious.
  • After unfortunate events, those in charge need not let frenzied distractions interrupt essential responsibilities. Granted formal approval, we stand prepared to control your incident response and restoration.
  • ForeseeNow moderating roles become major defensive assets during harsh litigation.
  • Our patrons gain a determined partner, one working in their best interest.
  • Thinking about the ever-too-present “it won’t happen here or to us” fallacy, one conversation relating to our five decades of examples showing what and why IT DID HAPPEN TO OTHERS, usually gives pause for CEO reconsideration and appropriate lesdership action.
  • Accommodating client interests also can translate into positive outcomes for affected publics.
  • That’s win-win!

If you will, permit another version about what
ForeseeNow does for its heterogeneous clients.


We smoke out and remove the stingers from “hornet nesters” trying to inflict misery on senior leadership.  Should pain result in advance of our involvement with suffering clients, we strive diligently on behalf of timely eradication. Consequently, our emphasis throughout the U.S. and elsewhere is prevention of and response to:

    • Vulnerability assessments.
    • Crises.
    • Emergencies.
    • Harsh public issues.
    • Reputational harm/false rumors.
    • Security strategies against violence — active shootings, other workplace irrationalities, or random maliciousness against people and properties.
    • Terrorism — yes, violent, but frequently different requiring unique experience and knowledge pertaining to contrasting groups as well as leaderless resisters (wrongfully termed “lone wolves”). Terrorist cells differ. They often are inaccurately perceived by a majority who claim expertise as well as through inept reporting. One learns only by understanding disparate motivations, ways of financing operations, individual recruiting and training methods while planning eventual attacks, and their propaganda methods.
    • Add to our list of services resolving brand difficulties creeping slowly or sending overnight shock waves.
    • We solve other administrative dilemmas; almost always C-suite interferences as well as conflicting situations requiring highly confidential sharing with an unbiased source capable of weighing pros and cons.
    • No matter the event, communication failures and legal ramifications usually result. We address both.
    • Corporations, institutions, agencies and at-risk individuals seek our specialties.  We not only offer patrons decades upon decades of experienced counsel, but also provide on-site tactical management during strife periods.  The latter facilitates essential daily routines.

Among many successes in breaking new ground is our originative,   longstanding synergistic merger of the ancient Greek Heuristic Education philosophy with Superior Foreseeability. Together, they gain significant client advantages against adversaries.  If what we do can help you, call us!