Who we are

B R I E F L Y  . . .

Since 1968 clients and observers have viewed our consulting and practitioner services as “one-of-a-kind” . . .  “remarkably innovative” . . .  and “consistently perceptive about the future.”  

Elevating  creative R & D to help solve tormenting business and leadership problems remains steadfast here.  Crises, public issues, violence, communication failures and other menaces  all lead to monetary and reputational miseries. 

Thus, improving methodologies must never become static.

Pathfinders benefit clients. Also, relieving key personnel from sudden  burdens imposed by critical interruptions is essential.

                        Specialists Rather Than Generalists.

ForeseeNow, a Preston Global Extension, provides preventive and remedial consulting plus on-site  generation of solutions. Founded by Tom Preston,  we’re privately-owned,  comprising honored and extensively-experienced Consulting Specialists.

Decades of broad experience proves immensely valuable regarding our innovative approaches in case management — often bizarre.

Smoking out and removing stingers from hornet nesters inflicting misery spotlight FSN’s successes.

Vulnerability assessments, one among many cost-saving practices requiring extensive talent, lead toward prevention. Should harm strikes before client contact and retention, we will respond accordingly.

Eradicating detrimental points of origin while strengthening client status is the journey we undertake whenever retained.

Discovering reasons causing business or leadership ills happens best through  unique “differential investigations.” They identify existing as well as future circumstances. And not by chance.

                                           FSN Specializations:  

    • Crises.
    • Emergencies.
    • Harsh public issues.
    • Reputational harm/false rumors.
    • Security tactics defying violence — (active shootings, other workplace irrationalities, or random maliciousness against people and properties.)
    • Counterterrorismindeed violent, but frequently much different requiring unique experiences and knowledge regarding contrasting groups as well as leaderless resisters (wrongfully termed “lone wolves”)
    • Resolving brand difficulties.
    • Other administrative dilemmas keeping key leaders from essential duties. 

Given today’s culture,  management should heed warnings. No matter the unfortunate event, communication failures and legal ramifications usually result.

Reducing further damages demands tireless,  individually tailored  attention, which is our performance standard. 

Earlier this year ForeseeNow (FSN), a Preston Global extension, became an “avant-garde” title.  It illuminates forward-thinking, a mainstay of this firm’s success.

The future requires unusual prescience. That leads to  mature, battle-tested team members such as FSN’s Consulting Specialists. Each  possesses decades of effective case management. 

C-suite inquiries and contracts come our way from corporate, institutional, other professional service enterprises as well as high profile individuals.  

Among many achievements in breaking new ground is our originative, longstanding synergistic merging ancient Greek Heuristic Education philosophy with Superior Foreseeability.

Together, they gain significant client advantages against adversaries.

FSN’s library contains explanatory information regarding Heuristic Education and how we effectively apply  foreseeability methods.

                                 Prepare or be Ambushed!

Today’s complex and dangerous world demands an uncommon background. Why? Certain answers are obvious. Others blur quickly. 

Consider “aftermaths” from major crises or emergencies. They can be as distressing as all but the worst episodes of violence. The press loves aftermaths. With an ever-expanding social media, victim organizations are in the spotlight longer than before.

Negative events, despite lengths of time afterwards, nearly always resurrect in future stories — on anniversaries or when something similar just happened.

Frequently embellished through irresponsible social media as well as declining standards within traditional daily newspapers and TV news,  but believed true by uninformed readers and viewers, the situation worsens.

Executives not only must deal with time-consuming interferences as they transpire originally, but also because of new tendencies spawning repetition. We can remove most of the burden.