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Serving AT-RISK Businesses
with Specialized Practice Areas

Foresee Now, a Preston Global Extension, is specialty-oriented to serve at-risk businesses operating throughout the U.S. and globally. Distinguished for ingenious preventive and responsive adroitness in managing crises, emergencies, harsh public issues, violence and communications, Foresee Now is retained by corporations, institutions, professional enterprises and high-profile individuals.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Crises
  • Emergencies
  • Harsh public issues
  • Reputational harm/false rumors
  • Security tactics defying violence — (active shootings, other workplace irrationalities, or random maliciousness against people and properties.)
  • Counterterrorism — indeed violent, but frequently much different requiring unique experiences and knowledge regarding contrasting groups as well as leaderless resisters (wrongfully termed “lone wolves”)
  • Resolving brand difficulties
  • Other administrative dilemmas keeping key leaders from essential duties
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Assuring Operational Wellbeing in All Practice Areas

Foresee Now, a Preston Global Extension, is retained by corporations, institutions, professional service organizations and high-profile individuals for different reasons.

One might sense pending misfortunes. Another already is exposed to current difficulties requiring specialized management. A third reason finally gaining prominence is leadership initiating defensive measures before vulnerabilities are exploited against areas of management responsibility . . . exploitations by others, internally or externally.

Also, certain hazards are beyond preventions, but their adverse effects can be lessened considerably.

In retrospect, what we do is similar to a physician’s role. We accent prevention but when the working environment becomes unhealthy or dangerous, we investigate, test, analyze, prescribe and follow up to restore soundness.

Within this sphere of professional activity, we constantly research for new procedures and treatments translating into even better solutions thus assuring operational wellbeing.

Much of our practice revolves around response to or elimination of existing troubles wrought by social, political, cultural, economic, reputational and other idealistic changes.

Yellow and gold Foresee Now starburst logo icon on transparent background
Yellow and gold Foresee Now starburst logo icon on transparent background

Assisting in Court

Mitigating activities also become invaluable during court cases. If we conduct vulnerability assessments, develop strategies lessening an organization’s exposure to various crises and emergencies, and even if “bad nevertheless happens,” we’re available as witnesses on behalf of any client who followed our recommendations.

An organization taking steps beyond the norm demonstrates management’s bona fide commitment to public safety and security. Such evidence of leadership responsibility becomes a powerful argument for favorable verdicts!

What about arbitration? A defendant’s extraordinary initiatives, taken in advance, or ignored by management, to protect others and properties of others can tip the scales one way or another. Using a qualified professional firm adds effectiveness in one’s position under debate!

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Preparing to be AMBUSHED!

Today’s complex and dangerous world demands an uncommon background. Why? Certain answers are obvious. Others blur quickly.

Consider “aftermaths” from major crises or emergencies. They can be as distressing as all but the worst episodes of violence. The press loves aftermaths. With an ever-expanding social media, victim organizations are in the spotlight longer than before.

Negative events, despite lengths of time afterwards, nearly always resurrect in future stories — on anniversaries or when something similar just happened.

Frequently embellished through irresponsible social media as well as declining standards within traditional daily newspapers and TV news, but believed true by uninformed readers and viewers, the situation worsens.

Executives not only must deal with time-consuming interferences as they transpire originally, but also because of new tendencies spawning repetition. We can remove most of the burden.