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W. James Host

Is genius squared. Pro baseball pitcher, entrepreneur, sports broadcaster, civic leader, government official, all around great guy, his involvements and honors exceed this page.

Jim is THE GURU of sports marketing. He Invented what today is one of the world’s most powerful economic forces. And he did so through radio and TV networking.

Jim recently authored CHANGING THE GAME. Every university sports marking professor and each sports marketing student should have this book. It is an invaluable text describing not just Jim’s amazing career but also it guides readers through a dense jungle-like evolution of sports marketing/management as we find it today. University of Kentucky Press. Jim Host with Eric Moyen.

Changing toothbrushes is prudent

Germs live steadily among bristles. A new toothbrush every two months helps fight gum, mouth and throat infections. Serious diseases elsewhere in one’s body can originate from poor dental care. Your heart’s an example.

Let us quote someone’s recent ordeal. “Just by chance I figured I’d found the best toothbrush ever. Inexpensive, too! Later I wanted more but couldn’t recall who made it. I’d tossed the original package so I looked all over for a name on my old handle. No name, no other hint about who made it.”

How could branding failures prevail at multiple stages — design, prototyping, review, manufacturing, packaging and marketing? Ever so frequently, people in charge or who are nearest a simple matter ignore the obvious. In this true account an everyday device showing real promise probably didn’t survive.

FSN Consumer Recommendation

Need walking or running shoes? Perhaps related activity tops, bottoms, accessories?

FLEET FEET deserves serious consideration. Personalized fitting aided by technology is Just the beginning of a pleasant shopping experience.

Fleet Feet, with 180 stores nationwide, began in 1976. Customer service stands out. An example is special order delivery should your supplier be temporarily out of stock. OUTSTANDING!