To go on a vision quest is to go into the presence of a great mystery.

-- Native American (Lakota Tribe) proverb.

The noun, FORESEEABILITY, is dismissed by English language purists who often are behind the curve. When uttered, these properly assembled 14 letters offer an engaging sound; they also underscore why our patrons overcome adversities.

Superior foreseeability is one’s capacity to anticipate future occurrences most logically and accurately. It’s a quality gained from experience, topic/issue wisdom, understanding mental and physical variations of human behavior and through resourceful, discreet observation. Some advocates describe it as akin to organizational radar where readings enable confident routing through stormy conditions.

Foreseeability is an acquired trait that can keep the user steps ahead of adversarial decision-making. Associative techniques produce additional positive results such as early warnings about potential disruptions, damages to possessions, bodily harm and intensified attacks against brand reputations.

Without foreseeability assistance the already, or future injured parties, wander aimlessly amid dark unknowns of missed opportunities.

This strategic advantage requires years before mastering.  We all can “guesstimate.”  But services ForeseeNow provide warrant far more than occasional luck. An ever-changing fast-paced society is precariously reactive.

Nonpareil firms constantly adapt innovatively. They are best prepared for dealing with well-planned intended surprises and suddenness, including today’s growing clusters of agitators whether capable or merely obstreperous.

Like medical science, so much of what was considered “procedure or treatment of choice” just a very few years ago has been altered by rapid cultural, scientific, and economic transformations.

A fine example appears after an old form of psychotherapy is used in foreseeability. Psychodrama, featuring spontaneous human dramatizations and role-playing about client situations, exhort team thinking when addressing foreseeability. Psychodrama components facilitate predictive measures involving crisis, emergency, public issue and reputation management.

Absent adaptability, imaginative thinking, and deep current event awareness, which should always include historical perspectives, at-risk organizations are denied quality counsel and associative actions.

We intend to maintain foreseeability leadership.  Soon we will begin taking foreseeability seminar requests from corporate, institutional, academic and PR chapters as part of our emphasis on superb leadership preparation.

Foreseeability from an Army Officer’s Perspective

Army training emphasizing foreseeability (minus ever using the name) earnestly motivated an officer cadet (T. Preston) throughout the durations of his active, reserve and civilian-associated services.

Getting an advantage and staying one jump ahead of your enemy seemingly was in both ears 24 hours every day. After commissioning additional preparation, exercises, courses, drills, and hard-knock schooling filled whatever duty time permitted.

The same message continued, except in different forms suitable to the knowledge being acquired. But always it inspired leadership, adaptability, originality, boldness, and personal assurance.  Hastily, the same young officer envisioned not just strategic advantages from superior foreseeability.  He became further inspired by how the paradigm probably emerged from ancient Greeks whose teaching methods demand self-discovery.

Rather than traditional lectures, readings, and trying to absorb quantities of material where lessons seldom were learned sufficiently, he embraced the heuristic idea.  [You can learn about Heuristic Education in another section of the Library.]

Succinctly, heuristics is problem-solving through discovery by trial and error without fearing inadequate results. Fortunate to study fleetingly at the University of Washington the soldier encountered a fascinating department head who taught combining Heuristic Education with Foreseeability. The wise, experienced teacher and the young military man shared common interests.

“From that hard-driving platoon leader and the calm, pondering, engrossed senior teacher I knew merging each philosophy would grant that critical edge or at least even the odds especially when extraordinarily precarious situations arose,” the now old veteran says smiling.

“Decades later, when precarious situations arose or arise in the civilian sectors, ForeseeNow has been and remains prepared, no matter how bewildering.