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How to Ruin Your TV Interview in 13 Easy Steps

  1. Don’t find out in advance, and prepare for, what the interviewer is interested in discussing.
  2. Ignore becoming aware of the host’s style, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses.
  3. Have someone else arrange the interview so you won’t waste time speaking with the person who will try putting you on the hot seat.
  4. Convince yourself there will be no surprise, unrelated questions, particularly at the program’s beginning.
  5. Consider it a waste of time to have someone internally or externally, with media skills, prep you.
  6. Show up at the last minute. This way you avoid meeting and shaking hands will all personnel involved.
  7. Dress inappropriately. Slouch, look bored, frown, and fidget. Allow interior distractions to overcome your mental concentration. When first sitting down, if studio lights bother your vision, keep silent.
  8. Never challenge the interviewer’s inaccurate rephrasing of your answers.
  9. Never challenge dubious sources when asked questions attributed to information provided by such people.
  10. Fake your way through question on issues in which you have no knowledge. Lie.
  11. Forget eye contact with the greater audience — those watching you.
  12. Stop your complete answer whenever a host interrupts you. (The wimp’s creed.)
  13. Leave your host without clarifying any comment you think deserves elaboration or even correction.