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From: Arron G., New Jersey

Q: My question has two parts. What’s better for worker morale and efficiency? Working out of your house or at the company? Also, does something stand out as the hardest job you have in dealing with customers? — \Arron G., New Jersey

The answer to your first inquiry can be “either location depending on nature of business, and employee duties.’’ Certain tasks can be performed efficiently from the confines of one’s home. Others aren’t practicable. Leaders should try achieving balance between what is best for the business and what might be most convenient for employees.

The rule of sound public relations applies here: Achieve understanding, acceptance, and goodwill! Doing so is the best route toward a positive final determination.

Remember, most cases addressing the optimal workplace location. Literally dozens of questions must be answered before a sound decision is made. Examples: Why the request? Will both parties benefit? What degree of supervision is required, and how would that necessity be structured? Might household interruptions create inefficiency?

Your second question gets a resounding, “yes.” It’s overcoming one’s deep-rooted overconfidence in his or her problem-solving, or belief that “something bad won’t happen to us.” Too often that occurs only after something seriously detrimental strikes the organization.

Executives ignoring crises prevention, mitigation, plus steady monitoring of problems, including daunting issues lurking constantly in society today (which therefore should be anticipated) place themselves in what we call a “career-defining situation.” Independent vulnerability assessments can reduce these and additional risks substantially.

Thanks for asking. I hope you find these replies meaningful.