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Striving for correct decisions requires a combination of intellect, fact acquisition, common sense, and personal resolve. Anything less in this uncertain era invites misfortune.

After all, we’re surrounded by competitive jerks, activists sponsored by sinister elements, biased traditional press conjoined with deceptive social media, ever-increasing dangers to life and property, plus other plagues to peace and tranquility.

Before making final judgements, ask yourself nine quick questions. Have I:

  • Gained sufficient understanding of the issue or situation?
  • Acquired enough information?
  • Verified source accuracy
  • Considered alternatives?
  • Thought through possible/probable consequences?
  • Discussed the priority topic with trusted advisors?
  • Anticipated demanding questions from critics, and developed powerful answers?
  • Suddenly felt self-doubts, and if so, why?
  • Allowed a 24-hour respite (unless an emergency) before announcing my final decision?

After answering “yes” to each query, you’re prepared to lead. When communicating any decision, do so clearly, confidently, straightforwardly, and passionately.