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Headshot of Foresee Now Specialist Teri Hansen of Priority Marketing in front of awards

Teri Hansen, APR, CPRC

Teri Hansen, APR, CPRC, is an award-winning communications and marketing professional.

Throughout an amazing business and personal career, high praise instantly became the foundation for Teri’s reputation as a foremost thinker and innovator in branding and positioning, business strategy, crisis communications, media relations, and of course, marketing consultation.

Her venture, Priority Marketing, represents the broad spectrum of for-profit and nonprofit clients throughout our nation. Patrons receive impartial expertise through counseling as well as creative services. The practice reaches deeply into government, education, health care, senior living, hospitality, tourism, retail, construction, legal, financial, and other commercial pursuits.

“Teri is tendentious whenever expressing opinions formulated in helping those relying on her judgment. She reasons deeply before espousing directions one should go in achieving objectives,” said Tom Preston.

He recognized her professionalism and intellect before Priority Marketing existed, and wasn’t alone. Dr. Jay Rayburn, another FSN Consulting Specialist, predicted immense success for Teri even before she began growing her organization.

“She gains confidence among those relying on her insights — creative ideas. Teri doesn’t settle for just going for the gold; she believes each client deserves platinum! Mr. Preston added.

TV and Marketing

Her early career involved roles with a CBS television affiliate where she was director of community services. She also led marketing activities for one of the nation’s largest master planned community developers. After earning impressive credentials within that industry, Teri formed a small business in Ft. Myers, FL.

It was an entrepreneurial dream, beginning at a dining room table. But a question kept surfacing: Should I remain as is or risk the unknown requiring significant resources for expansion? The answer was as expected.

Soon, this enterprise became Southwest Florida’s largest full-service marketing, public relations, advertising and digital marketing firm. As president and creative director, Teri leads a team of nearly 50 talented individuals serving more than 175 clients. Yet she asked to join

Foreseenow as part of the consulting team.

“What a compliment to all of us here from one so multi-talented,” Mr. Preston commented.

“I envision Teri’s values with respect to branding crises, digital/social media applications and furthering our emphasis on combining Heuristic Education with superior foreseeability.”

The entire marketing/branding institution has evolved significantly since Teri founded her firm in 1992. Rather than merely being a witness to the evolution she leads change while setting trends evidenced by so many honors and awards bestowed on her firm annually.

Always a Forward-Thinker

Clients quickly discover her operational standards of not making recommendations because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” Instead, she provides forward-thinking services to those counseled; she is well-known for bringing new ideas and innovative techniques to the forefront.

Her business philosophy is based on genuine interest in successes for individuals, businesses and organizations served. This, in part, prompted selection by PRNews as one of the ELITE Top 100 Companies in America for 2020.

With a sustaining reputation for exceptional integrity, leadership and spirit, she recently, was recognized by PRNEWS as a Top Women in PR in the U.S. Similar accolades include:

  • University of South Florida’s designation as one of the top 56 fastest growing alumni-owned businesses in the world;
  • Finalist in 2019 & 2020 for Florida Small Business Development Center’s Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year;
  • A 2020 Grow Florida Company To Watch;
  • Uncommon Friends Foundation’s 2019 business award for ethical leadership;
  • Women in Business’ 2018 Apex Award from the Greater Ft. Myers Chamber of Commerce;
  • Florida Public Relations Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018;
  • Plus hundreds of local, national and international industry awards.

Committed to furthering the communications industry, Teri took a major role in founding the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) in 1985. Her efforts were especially instrumental in bringing programs and activities further enhancing successes of individuals engaged or soon to be as PR practitioners.

She also is a member of FPRA’s Counselor’s Network, holding organizational offices at the state and local levels.

Ballroom Stardom

Of singular noteworthiness, for many years Teri competed nationally in ballroom dancing.

Endless practices, often requiring long road trips to studios, resulted in hundreds of medals and trophies. But a crowning achievement was when she and her partner held the rank of No. 2 in the U.S. for American 9-Dance.