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Phil Osborne, APR, PRSA

Phil Osborne, APR, PRSA – Consulting Specialist

He’s a national award-winning communicator adaptable to almost any critical business matter requiring special attention. Mr. Osborne is a repository of current as well as past subjects adversely affecting political and commercial standings.

After generating respect in radio and television, both on-air and in news evaluations, he joined The Preston Group, Inc. (TPG) in 1985 as a senior account executive. Repeatedly assigned greater responsibilities, authority, and accountability, he moved swiftly up the ladder to become a vice president.

One of Phil’s earliest achievements, establishing a public opinion/market research unit, grew into the largest stand-alone services of its type in Kentucky.

Brisk client development, especially among utilities, hospitals, and manufacturing companies, hastened openings at TPG for talented account managers and support staff. The new research facility, upholding our advanced interpretive techniques, raised levels of precision beyond normally accepted quantities. It was another of our originations.

Quickly to President.
Phil’s leadership in this joint venture also involved the late Dr. Jay Rayburn, a renowned Florida State University professor and amazing opinion/attitude modernizer. The achieved goal enabled clients to understand more clearly, and quickly, ever- changing individual and group moods. What emerged during that era still contributes extensively to our emphasis on Heuristic Education and Superior Foreseeability.

In 1989 the Preston Group board of directors promoted Phil to firm president. Further diversifications and satellite office openings in new territories aided TPG’s branding efforts. These inclusions focused on equine activities, travel and tourism, energy and the environment, as well as association management.

The firm’s longstanding crisis, political, and public issue practice groups accordingly.

[For accuracy concerning company name evolutions, the first designation was Thomas L Preston Public Relations, then The Preston Group, and later Preston Global – all before most practice units were sold to Mr. Osborne. He referred to the agency as Preston-Osborne and eventually Osborne & Associates. Foresee Now, a Preston Global Extension is the latest title, chosen to reflect looming challenges and specialist needs with respect to ever-changing transnational economic, operational, security and false information crises endangering both enduring and novice businesses and institutions in this relatively young century.]

Becoming an Owner

In 1997 Mr. Osborne began purchasing TPG common stock. That followed Preston Global’s stand-alone entity in preparation for his eventual acquisition of all TPG stock.

“Phil’s impact from day one spurred our longevity, a national prominence, and ever-increasing growth,” Tom Preston praised. “Even as he owns Osborne & Associates, we value his continuing skills, talents and consulting specialty services with Foresee Now.”

“He’s masterful in getting to the heart of public issue controversies. His years with political and public affairs projects plus a keen sense of history fit perfectly into our emphasis on Foreseeability. Unique insights are vital today concerning cases begging the question of why society responds the way it does,” Tom stressed.

As for the many odd nuances of brand reputation successes and failures, Phil’s news media background coupled with personal interactions among diverse groups, reinforce needs for his talents planning successful strategies.

Among a plethora of honors, awards and other recognitions, Mr. Osborne owns four Silver Anvils, the highest citing for excellence in communications and reputation management given by the Public Relations Society of America.

One of his productions, a poster announcing the 2000 Vice Presidential debate at Centre College, is displayed in at the Smithsonian Institution. A rare accomplishment, indeed!

He also holds the PRSA Thoroughbred Lifetime Achievement award and the Commerce Lexington [KY] Small Business of the Year trophy.

A visiting instructor at the University of Kentucky and Transylvania University, he contributes time and other talents to many charitable/civic activities.

Phil and his wife, Jennifer, an educator, soon will reside in Nashville, TN.