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Foresee Now’s 5-STEP Process

Societal distrust activates individual and group responses based on a mixture of human perceptions. Many form through sinister-driven ignorance at worst, irrational misunderstanding at best.

During initial “at-their-site interviews,” executives frequently ask about our process — a logical question. Consider Foresee Now’s basic outline.

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1. Discover

First comes an initial meeting. That session, without time or expense charges, usually requires approximately 90 minutes. We seek candid answers to basic questions; we probe as necessary. Everything is confidential.

Among key inquiries are:

  • Is this meeting for preventive/avoidance matters, current incident response to eliminate your problem(s), or for restoring prior tranquility and operational problems(s) — perhaps all three?
  • How do you perceive your predicament right now? What other matters inhibit restful sleep, which could be associated with reasons for this discussion?
  • When did you receive enough information about our main topic that triggered today’s action? And before we return home, may we review all materials, data, print and electronic, germane to the case?
  • If you select us, who will be our 24-hour contact? What is the individual’s status, if not someone in this room?
  • What else do you expect from us that hasn’t been disclosed, and will any restrictions be imposed? If so, please explain.
  • Is there anything else about us you need to know?
  • Why were we invited for today’s meeting? Specifically.

2. Research

This transparent phase concludes by explaining step two. It includes research, interviews, studying, analyzing, and identifying even iota elements of the problem, before outlining action plans specific to the situation. We expect instant communication tasks internally and externally.

3. Plan

Step three is a formal plan presentation for approval. Our plans always are open to discussion, clarification and limited revisions. Detailed development of strategy and tactics follows contract and retainer fee execution. Usually, implementation happens in less than a week; we move quickly, thoroughly, diligently. Seldom do conditions remain static, particularly in early stages.

4. Implement

The fourth step involves carrying out our strategy and tactics. This period of monitoring, measuring, evaluating effectiveness, and adjusting as necessary becomes obvious to anyone monitoring our work.

Constantly refining our process, Foresee Now specializations open C-Suite doors. CEO and Board members should demand no less expertise when companies, institutions, agencies, professional firms and high-profile individuals search for positive results.

We report regularly to the CEO or a trusted authority as designated. Conscientious respect for executive time remains uppermost in our minds. Conversely, speedy response to any summons is another trademark at Foresee Now.

5. Normalize

Finally, when troublesome circumstances ease, we focus on repairing any rips discovered from episodes leading up to situational control and normalcy. 

To be clear, we are most effective when granted latitude to execute all steps and solutions. Top officers will be burdened enough with regular duties.

Our independence removes bias as well as overwhelming sensations amid internal decision-making. Your train continues on the right track, not routed to a siding because someone inadvertently forgot to pull the switching lever!

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