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The Philosophy Behind Foresee Now

Looking back helps explain why. Starting when we were The Preston Group, and subsequently Preston Global, observers branded us as “refreshingly different, visionary, intrepid” — even a “warrior” — for business and individuals who retained our services.

Decades ago, we matched specialties with precise needs found among organizations, institutions, agencies, and other professional entities. This endeavor transpired consistently whether our services focused on before, during or after dilemmas. Competent generalists assisted when appropriate. Specialists held ultimate authority.

Foresee Now adheres to identical principles regarding crises, emergencies, blindsiding issues, and grave dangers. This include threats or acts of terrorism, workplace violence, and all the damages caused by natural disasters.

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Each instantly attracts social/traditional media fervor. False rumors, misinformation and continuing commentary will ensue. Expect other truculent events, given today’s litigiousness.

However, advanced intervention through self-discovery combined with foreseeability deserves deep consideration. Preventive measures based on our specializations help businesses of all sizes. These save immense resources in expenditures, time, diversions and even lives as well as property damage.

Increasingly, the medical, legal, accounting, architectural and other professional communities offer focused skills. We achieved such status decades ago through education, advanced training, prodigious experience and yes, self-discovery — all leading to expertise.

Specialization provides unparalleled qualifications for abnormal cases — those hard-to-find root causes for, escaping understanding, transformation and traditional management — even common-sense applications.

Our practice extends far beyond the norm. We enter a realm bolstered by aspects of psychology, social science discoveries, philosophy, current events and effects from broad communications directed especially toward those most susceptible to disparaging propaganda.

More simply, we get to the bottom of how others respond to a given situation at a given time — especially, why. Then the correct solutions emerge.

Confidence Must Prevail

Relationships require trust. Successful case managers strive diligently for client trust. Doing so requires latitude in performance.

Faith evolves from confidence. We must earn customer confidence through our fact-finding, methodologies, approach to unraveling mysteries, and unconventional (as necessary) strategies and tactics.

Serving numerous recognized icons — individuals as well as corporations, agencies, institutions, and professions north, south, east, west — a strong working partnership with internal PR whenever available is welcomed sincerely.

People frequently ask why such distractions cause loss of focus among even the most talented leaders. The answer usually is emotion. And, that is NOT abnormal at all. Unwanted events prompt a disengaged mindset.

We emphasize behavioral science, cognitive science, foreseeability, and the search for unusual causations leading to events endangering our clients. Consolidating through study of human thought, impulses, and related forces, imposing conditions haunting management becomes significant when aiding any client.

Tailored vulnerability assessments demonstrate leadership wisdom. Not only do vulnerability assessments find serious exposures needing priority attention, their effectiveness pays huge dividends when we prevent or reduce harmful, long-lasting effects from devastating incidents.

In addition to common sense applications, often unexcelled, our practice requires aspects of psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and more simply, how one responds to a given situation at a given time, and especially, why.

Yellow and gold Foresee Now starburst logo icon on transparent background
Yellow and gold Foresee Now starburst logo icon on transparent background

Reputation RESONATES!

Reputation management is another notable part of our process, but Foresee Now goes way beyond traditional PR. Our strength originates from day one when our first client asked for “relief from personal embarrassment.” Fortunately for both of us, his appeal was answered.

Reputation isn’t for sale, lease or loaning. Nor is it dormant. We do know this fact: A lengthy, admirable reputation is much more difficult to destroy. In contrast, a rotten one requires more effort, time, money and philosophical changes before transformation.

In both cases, reputation control begins with honest commitment. You can expect a pacesetting firm going extra miles to sustain mutual respect and cooperation. It’s routine in all we do.