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While learning about another’s business crisis or tragedy did you ever disregard something similar happening at your organization?  

If so, why remain a shock candidate any longer? Why be subjected to negative press reports? Why facilitate lawsuits and risk economic disorder? 

                               In a nutshell, we’ve been around more than a half-century preventing and/or solving such critical problems                                                                           for organizations and high profile leaders throughout the United States and elsewhere. 

Pause momentarily. Envision calamitous results from slowly evolving crises when indicators were missed  — even ignored. 

How about emergencies . . . heartbreaking events? Public issues can affect you injuriously just as do consumer departures from bands. Litigation? This next step forward usually comes abruptly. Only after winning in two courts, law and public opinion, are your chances for redemption well beyond 50-50. 

Tom Preston, Founder & CEO

P.S. This independent ELITE logo is our most recent affirmation of as one of the BEST professional agencies in America. We’re honored to earn such a ranking from PR NEWS, historically the influential judge and jury evaluating the exact services in which we specialize.

In prior commentary PRNEWS said: “Abating economic, competitive, judicial, security, media, and affiliate risks underlines [Preston Global] values, with the agency identifying ‘most likely reasons’ why havoc and failures often escape internal awareness. The agency stresses “foreseeability,” one’s capacity to anticipate future events accurately, and lists consequence alertness and conjectural wisdom products as achievements.”

Our Specializations

They’re different, complex, subject to false rumors, far-ranging, perplexing, and usually worsen quickly.

Don’t let them sneak up!

Many are preventable when using vulnerability or risk assessments. Nearly all require longstanding, highly experienced experts with vast familiarities.

Crises and emergencies evolve in dissimilar patterns. VAs often, but not always, reveal in advance of their important juxtaposition.

Has a crisis/emergency immune business ever existed? If you know of one please tell us. In our more than a half-century not one has been identified to us — legitimately.

Overcoming, and sometimes by necessity, dominating an already over-communicative society isn’t routine!

The best test is whether your communications are reaching and persuading key audiences.

Hotly debated public issues continue growing in numbers. Social media spews intentional distortions and lies. Fewer readers today opt for both sides of a story, a charge, even one’s commentary.

 Winners in the contest for   favorable opinions must solidify their positions while consistently exposing fiction. Concurrently they, too, must adhere to absolute truth. 

We help avoid by monitoring and correct by building support for best interest of all.

This firm’s veteran journalists know the landscape.

Award-winners all, their media histories run the gamut from wire services to newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, and  digital communications.

Whether you needs clarity of message, response to hostile or flawed criticism, or appealing external and internal reporting, the task isn’t for amateurs.

Each job requires focused and attention-getting  authorship as well as design.  FSN provides both.

Think also about instant replies when reporters are on deadlines. Count on us moving  quickly, professionally and accurately.

Too often during the last 75 years private and public sector leaders who should have known better  ignored ever-lurking terrorism. 

Most terrorists incidents are products of complex parts assembled into a precise attack plan. Objective lists are long. 

Sophisticated radicals carefully select preys. Waiting patiently for “best chances” they rely on favored tactics, while refining  constantly. Emotional zeal is the jet engine.

In different ways they raise funds, recruit, motivate, communicate to followers and  evaluate.  Might you be on an  objective list? 

Interdiction for security of lives, property and other assets require instinct plus intense knowledge about the various organizations.

We offer individualized   guidance to thwart or reduce dangers  from workplace violence, active shooters and dire threats.  Executive protection also is another major service. 

Brand is another word excessively used. The term harbors confusing meanings even to the point of conflict.

This begins with an array of definitions often different but satisfactory to one’s purpose when defining   defines brand or branding.

Historically, a brand was one’s  mark — a way of identifying hand-crafted items. Later, consumers began assessing the article’s value, quality, serviceability and  importance. 

This eventually led to a producer’s reputation, which became fodder for gossip. Learn more on this subject in our library.

Desirable branding begins with ownership of a consistent and preeminent reputation. Without admired standing, one’s status, resiliency and public appeal invite belittling — usually deserved. Such failures usually can be assuaged  for economic survival. 

Controlling the brand or branding process is another FSN specialty just as is our work in managing false rumors.

We’ve debunked some of the harshest.