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Crisis Prevention is Challenging.
Crisis Management Demands Specialists.
Foresee Now Excels Each Way.

If past is prologue, then present and future business leaders should expect intimidating, even career-defining events. No organization is immune. Outcomes determine executive competence. Accountability doesn’t escape measurement.

However, many dreadful situations are preventable. Some aren’t. Levels of severity can be reduced, often substantially, through vulnerability assessments and client-specific crisis plans.

Preparation ultimately proves value, which is why ForeseeNow emphasizes awareness, vigilance and readiness. Long ago, after exhaustive studies, tests and evaluations, our parent organization combined the ancient Greek philosophy of Heuristic Education with Superior Foreseeability. Today, these techniques are invaluable for outmaneuvering client adversaries.

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Welcomed in C-Suites as pathfinding, problem-solving innovators, Foresee Now reverses the adverse.

Foresee Now is in your best interest! CEOs began discovering why 54 years ago. It’s because we provide a powerful network of exceptionally talented, trained, inventive and experienced consulting specialists. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Crises & emergencies
  • Public issue management
  • Security planning against crime & terrorism
  • Reputation control & communication
  • Diffusing false rumors & brand attacks
  • Vulnerability assessing & tactical strategies
  • Situational research for action plans
  • Adapting Heuristic Education techniques to better anticipate adversarial intentions against patrons who retain us

Here’s What Others SAY About Foresee Now

“Foresee Now: One of the top 12 strategic counseling agencies, one of the 10 most innovative and one of the 8 hot issue agencies in the U.S.”

INSIDE PR (New York)

“Preston, PRSA Fellow, long-time FPRA member-at-large and head of Kentucky’s oldest PR firm has merged military and state executive branch experience with PR counseling skills to help a growing list of clients develop contingency plans against terrorism and other violent acts.”

PR Florida magazine

“The Preston Group is one of a handful of firms outside the New York region that can claim to have a top crisis management capability, and probably the only firm in the country that offers a sub-specialty expertise in crisis planning for terrorist acts.”

INSIDE PR, the magazine of reputation management.

“Tom has a knack for telling clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. He cuts through the gloss and gets to the heart of an issue.”

Michael J. Ruehling, former VP, CSX

“Tommy L Preston . . . founded a multi-purpose consulting firm in 1968. Because of restructuring, the latest name is ForeseeNow, a Preston Global extension. Services expanded into 42 states and D.C., leading to many recognitions.”

Introductory remarks at the University of Kentucky's Hall of Distinguished Alumni

New Name. Long History as Specialists.

Although Foresee Now, a Preston Global Extension, is our latest name, the work of CEO Tom Preston isn’t. His dream of a uniquely professional firm devoted to preventing or resolving daunting problems threatening others dates back to 1958.

Since then, our founder has been identifying, investigating, and evolving different strategies and tactics to achieve his goal. As a result, in 1968 he started building a team of highly credentialed practitioners who concentrate in the following specializations.

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Crises & Emergencies

They are different! Crises usually evolve slowly. Their adverse effects can extend into several locations as opposed to emergencies, which are generally contained. Spotted in time, crises are easier to foil than emergencies.

Emergencies are sudden, requiring immediate attention. However, crises eventually become turning points. Based on steps taken to prevent or as necessary control both, our objective is value to the client. In these situations, accurate interpretation, calmness, prior experiences, reasoned approach, and adaptability are serious essentials. They define publicly how management deals with risks.

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Public Issue Control

We live in a fragmented society packed with controversies, arguments, and self-interest expectations. Issues of seemingly every description arise daily. Numerous causes ignite citizen attention, criticism; even censure and stormy discourse. Not the least is irresponsible social media plus traditional mass communication carelessness – each a product of unfortunate failures.

Depending upon subject matter, controversies feed interest, thus stimulating, gossip. Misleading reports get in the way of facts. Unsubstantiated commentary occurs when urgency to blog abandons responsibility. Consequently, parties under siege are victimized further by false rumors and confusing accounts.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Offsetting worst case scenarios is, in the vernacular, every leader’s no-brainer duty. Fulfilling this commitment requires meticulous expertise. Anything less is waste of business dollars and executive attention.

Vulnerability assessments are designed to either prevent something bad from happening or at least lessen harsh consequences. Additionally, they help prepare organizations when a crisis, emergency or daunting public issue occurs. Specialists whose practice includes this vital tool are concerned about saving lives, protecting client assets, avoiding reputational damage and preserving brand prominence.

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Security Against Crime & Terrorism

Lawlessness aimed at all sizes and types of business enterprises costs victims immensely. And not just in dollars, but also in lost time, distractions from important schedules, production delays, employee morale and because of litigation.

Yes, public expectations concerning management’s attention to safety and security are trending upward each year. Leaders adopting preventive measures beyond what most organizations do can avoid expensive litigation despite being victimized by violence. One reason is our testimony on their behalf. Litigation will occur. Part of our job is illustrating the magnitude of effort made to prevent or mitigate damages.

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Workplace Violence

Though also illegal, criminologists view workplace violence from all sides, and there are several. It’s a societal issue, psychological problem, management priority, legal matter, morale decliner, and frequently ignored business subject. Steadily increasing, yet grossly under-reported by many companies, true numbers remain hidden. Best estimates, however, are alarming.

Recent statistics should prompt zero tolerance within organizations. Often, protective priorities bypass internal precautions even though studies show one in seven employees feel unsafe at work.

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Reputation Vs Image

Unfavorable reputations destruct broadly. We find harmful evidence when consumers are deciding among similar companies in which to make purchases, use services, or select the best of different professions.

Image is not reputation and vice versa! Each has separate characteristics surrounded by dollar symbols. Reputation should stand uppermost on every business leader’s agenda. Whatever an organization or institution does is evaluated from reputational perspectives. Seriousness about across-the-board corporate standards becomes recognizable once cultural thoroughness is demonstrated, rather than just talked about.

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Heuristic Education & Foreseeability

Situational foreseeability is the capacity to logically and accurately anticipate future occurrences. This is a “combined specialty,” resulting from vast experience, keen observation, human reaction studies and knowledge of current events. Superior Foreseeability wouldn’t be validated without Heuristic Educational techniques.

We follow ancient Greek learning paths. They’re marked by the term, “self-discovery.” From self-discovery comes trial and error. Both promote understanding. Trial and error jointly produce crucial knowledge. For decades, we’ve successfully applied this combination in ways quite foreign to other professional service firms.

Foresee Now Is Here for You! Together, Let’s Erase Adversity!

Even the most talented leaders need different perspectives when concerned mildly or seriously about business dilemmas.

The old adage, “When everyone is thinking alike, no one is thinking enough,” rings warning bells loudly. Such neglects mean asset losses. Without proper attention, they move swiftly from mild concerns, to awareness, to alarm.

Specialist Snapshots

Thomas L. Preston, Accredited & Fellow, PRSA, FOUNDER & CEO


  • Accredited, Public Relations Society of America and its College of Fellows
  • Florida Public Relations Association Counselors Network
  • International Association of Counterterrorism & Security Professionals
Higher Education
  • University of Kentucky, BA in journalism
  • University of Washington, graduate study in propaganda & foreseeability
  • The U.S. Army War College’s National Security Program
Career Background
  • Newspaper ownerships & editorships
  • LETTERMAN magazine, Executive Editor
  • Founder, Preston Global; partner in other businesses
  • U.S. Army armor officer. Led multiple operations including foreign and domestic Cold War counterterrorism missions
  • Executive Director, KY Office of Homeland Security
  • Emergency Response Commission and State Council on Public Higher Education Board
  • Senior Advisor to KY Governor and U.S. Senator Wendell Ford and Governor Steve Beshear
  • Risk management: Crisis, emergency, public issue, communication, reputation control
  • Leadership dilemmas
  • Counterterrorism prevention & response
  • Expertise in vulnerability assessing and merging Heuristic Education into the art of Superior Foreseeability
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Chris Gorman, J.D.


  • Martindale-Hubble AV rating indicating attorney has reached the highest level of excellence
  • Licensed to practice in Supreme Court of United States of America
  • Former Attorney General of Kentucky
  • Emeritus status from the National Association of Attorneys General

Higher Education:

  • University of Kentucky, BA with an emphasis on local & state governments as well as economics
  • University of Kentucky, Juris Doctorate degree
  • Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government

Career Focus:

  • Partnership with the Louisville, Kentucky firm Conliffe, Sandmann & Sullivan
  • Public service, worthy cause leadership, and volunteerism
  • Team management
  • Visiting instructor, University of Louisville
  • Community relations
  • Mentoring

Public Service:

  • Elected Jefferson Co. “A District” Commissioner
  • Elected Attorney General, Commonwealth of Kentucky
  • Chairman, National Association of Attorneys General Southern Region


  • Law: Civil, criminal, constitutional, defense, and prosecution
  • Crisis control
  • Business solutions
  • Government regulations
  • International relations

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Teri Hansen, APR, CPRC

Teri Hansen, APR, CPRC, is an award-winning communications and marketing professional.

  • International award-winning communications and marketing professional with a reputation for ethical business practices.
  • Forward-thinking expert in branding and positioning, business strategy, crisis communications, media relations and marketing consultation.
  • Founder, president and creative director of Southwest Florida’s largest full-service marketing, public relations, advertising and digital marketing firm celebrating 30 years in business.
  • Recognized champion for the communications industry with a lead role in founding the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association.

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Raymond R. Hornback, Ed.D.

Dr. Raymond R. Hornback, Ed.D.

  • Former VP, University of Kentucky; prior VP at Morehead (KY) State College (now university). Journalism professor.
  • Highly respected for creativity, leadership skills, community relations & issue management attracting intensive media interest.
  • VP, Preston Global; counselor to Fortune 500 companies re: legislative & crisis priorities.
  • Creator/CEO, Hornback & Associates. Major concentrations: media, community, state relations assisting coal enterprises, highway safety, & woodland conservation.
  • Public speaker mixing seriousness with humor. Recognized for leadership advancing higher education & volunteerism.
  • Associated Press writer. Newspaper managing editor.

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Pat M. Melton, SLE

Pat Melton:

  • Acclaimed law enforcement professional.
  • An extensively experienced cop on the beat to investigator, to government leader in this broad field.
  • Originated vehicular life-saving programs adopted by Kentucky’s Transportation Cabinet. Success inspired elite status within that agency, resulting in his leading safety ventures.
  • Best known for solving one of the most intriguing theft cases in the history of rare Kentucky Bourbon.
  • Elected Sheriff of Kentucky’s state government home – Franklin County.
  • Trusted media spokesperson for candor, accuracy, and 24-7 availability.

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Phil Osborne, APR, PRSA

Phil Osborne, APR, PRSA

  • National award-winning communicator, strategist, and public relations executive.
  • Researcher, analyst, campaign specialist, author.
  • Utilities specialist in crisis prevention & mitigation as well as relationships, marketing, branding & customer service.
  • Advanced rapidly through The Preston Group, ultimately becoming President. Later purchased five of the six corporate practice units to frame a new career: CEO, Osborne & Associates.
  • Radio, television, visiting professor & current events authority.

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Matthew T. Preston, USSS

Matthew T Preston, FSN Senior Advisor

  • Retired Special Agent, United States Secret Service. Returned as Special Agent, Retired Annuitant. In this capacity, he continues providing security to global leaders while assisting the agency’s recruitment and hiring process.
  • Investigated, pursued, and brought to justice scores of domestic and foreign white collar criminals while also protecting an array of national and international heads of state. Missions in 28 foreign countries as well as the U.S.
  • Guarded more than 40 kings, prime ministers, premiers and presidents, including security involvement with every living U.S. President, as well as several deceased.
  • Tasked with numerous risk assessment and threat mitigation responsibilities for high level U.S. & overseas events. Examples in bio section.
  • Multiple leadership roles within federal organization. Details available by reading entire biography. 

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IN MEMORAM: Dr. Jay D. Rayburn, Ph.D., APR, CPRC, Fellow PRSA

Dr. Jay D. Rayburn, Ph.D., APR, CPRC, Fellow PRSA

In 2021, we -- indeed the entire profession -- lost an incredible friend, associate, and leader in reputation management, crisis control, research methodologies, academics, and services to countless others.

Dr. Jay (as he shall respectfully be called) retired late last summer as a faculty member of distinction at Florida State University. He had been affiliated with us almost from our inauguration.

To illustrate the extent of Dr. Jay’s loss, a condensed career version is found by tapping here. “His replacement will be the most difficult assignment for us since we began 54 years ago.” – Tom Preston, CEO

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