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Can You Pass Today's
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While learning about another’s business crisis or tragedy did you ever disregard something similar happening at your organization? If so, why remain a shock candidate forever? Why invite negative press reports? Why facilitate lawsuits and risk economic disorder?  

Pause momentarily. Envision calamitous results from slowly evolving crises because indicators were missed, even ignored. How about emergencies . . . heartbreaking events? Public issues can affect your organization injuriously just as do consumer departures from bands. Reputation is key!

Litigation? This next step forward usually comes abruptly. Only after winning in two courts, law and public opinion, are your chances for redemption well beyond fifty-fifty.

Within this site you’ll be reminded of additional searing consequences depriving management from enjoyable work experiences. We describe such manifestations “Eventual career-defining moments.” MANY are avoidable, others resolvable. Our vulnerability assessments (VAs) have, in advance, exposed or suppressed significant amounts and types. Yes, without prior recognition, even a hint of warning, the unwanted deals a blow.

This is an historical fact of life. Yet, since client number one, back in 1968, our VAs. foresightedness, guidance and affiliated activities substantially reduced adverse consequences. Most loomed over mega and moderately-sized corporations, institutions, agencies, and prominent individuals engaged in diverse, at-risk professions.

On this website you easily can enter an implied library containing constantly increasing materials about areas of service we provide an array of clients. We envision each subject “a separate room” containing enlightening, educational and entertaining items.

I hope you find relevant information of interest and benefit. Email us. Your thoughts are important to every Consulting Executive. We never share or share your name and address. Never have, never will!

Throughout the last 53 years consulting and providing hands-on action, our services received high value grades, not just from patrons assisted but also from independent judges. Challenges we confront are wide-ranging, generally unorthodox as you will note by reading a few summaries of case examples.

We changed our name to ForeseeNow, a Preston Global extension. The designation accommodates this new site while reminding that we always strive to outmaneuver, outthink adversaries or adversarial situations jeopardizing another’s deserved achievement.

Previous firm names from whence ForeseeNow emerged might filter in certain copy. After all, this most recent identity is the fourth major leap from what began as a one person venture.

Invitation to potential clients reviewing our site: If you believe a candid discussion is appropriate, I’ll come to your office. This one’s on me — no fee, no expense to you. 

Tom Preston - Preston Global

Tom Preston, Founder & CEO

P.S. This independent ELITE logo is our most recent affirmation of as one of the BEST professional agencies in America. We’re honored to earn such a ranking from PR NEWS, historically the influential judge and jury evaluating the exact services in which we specialize.

In prior commentary PRNEWS said: “Abating economic, competitive, judicial, security, media, and affiliate risks underlines [Preston Global] values, with the agency identifying ‘most likely reasons’ why havoc and failures often escape internal awareness. The agency stresses “foreseeability,” one’s capacity to anticipate future events accurately, and lists consequence alertness and conjectural wisdom products as achievements.”

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Our Specializations

Crises & Emergencies

They’re different, complex, subject to false rumors, far-ranging, perplexing, and usually worsen quickly. Many can be prevented by way of vulnerability and risk assessments. Nearly all require experts with vast familiarity. Has a crisis/emergency immune business ever existed? No.

Public Issues

From solidifying reasonable opinions to altering mistaken beliefs, sound reasoning, strong persuasion, deep subject knowledge, and expansive skills that gain attention are essential as a group dynamic. Overcoming an already over-communicative society is not routine. The major test is whether or not your communications are reaching and persuading target audiences.

PR / Communications

Whether one needs clarity of message, response to hostilities creative communication tools, diligent propaganda, instant replies whenever reporters — traditional and social —  are on deadlines, this firm’s veteran journalists stay in control professionally and accurately.


Ever-lurking terrorism threatens and intends to destroy our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Terrorists incidents are inconsistent with reference to typology, i.e., trend, target, timing, tactics, tradition and tragedy.  Our counterterrorist expertise goes back to 1958! We also are skilled in prevention of and response to workplace violence, active shootings, threat investigation, executive security and vulnerability assessments. Law enforcement and homeland security backgrounds at FSN bring an unequaled service to clients, one not found elsewhere in our profession.

Situational Foreseeability & Devotion to Heuristic Education

Another first. The importance of accurate anticipation regarding client adversaries – their probable strategies, tactics, use of certain devices, unconscious trends, and techniques give us edges as battles of wits take full effect. Situational Foreseeability offers patrons vital advantages; they keep opponents off-balance. Much of our good fortune is attributed to applications based on Heuristic Education. (Check it out in the library. Self-discovery is without peer!)

Brand Reputation and Rumor Control

It’s another word excessively used, but we’re stuck with a  term harboring multiple definitions — several in conflict with each other. Branding’s essence is ownership of  “consistent preeminent reputation.” Without admired standing one’s status, resiliency and public appeal invite belittling, usually deserved. This failure can be assuaged; normally “a must” for economic survival. Brands often fall prey to false, destructive and costly rumors. Rumor control in all situations is another of our specialties. We’ve debunked some of the harshest.